Sarah Dobkin - Artist
Which are you drinking, the water or the wave?

This year has been like no other. I filled my cup to the brim with travel, an engagement, wedding planning, not to mention painting for an exhibition. Lets just say, an incredible amount of planning has gone into the 2011- 2012 calendar.

This hyper awareness for all things pulsing with anticipation had me thinking about a quote from John Fowles epic novel, The Magus, where the author writes, “which are you drinking, the water or the wave?”.

How that pertains to the painted surface is the subject of this latest body of work. Through an unapologetic devotion to abstraction and its dependency on contrasting elements, such as hard flat space met with soft luminous edges, I offer viewers poise and equilibrium.

I like words like confluence, and intersection because they seem to capture the intensity and subtlety of the image all at once. What inspires me most is seeing color fill space as it becomes vibrant, as if light spilled into a room; forever changing the mood.

All that I see, hear, and touch finds its way into the surface, form, and hue of the artwork. In other words, this year I’m drinking the wave.

Sarah Dobkin is a working artist who resides in Boston, MA and holds representation at Bromfield Gallery. The maturation of her artistic exploration, lead to a BFA in painting culminating with a MFA and outstanding merit award from Pratt Institute in 2005. She keeps a rigorous studio schedule to this day.